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The Power House of Rechargeable Electric Plasma Lighters

The days of bulky, gas-lit flame lighters are fast coming to an end. It is now time for sleek designs, recharge ability, electric and flameless lighters. Chief Lit endeavors to provide the one-stop shop for electric plasma lighters.Top-notch products

We desire to offer only the best. We offer our clients the best of our production. We have the top name brands in the electric lighter industry including Saber, Timeless, Primo, and Thunder. These products are not only the best in style and design but also in functionality and advantage. Some of the key benefits include:

Recharge ability
At Chief Lit, we offer the best in rechargeable electric lighters. The USB rechargeable plasma lighters can, therefore, be reused. Even more so, these high-end products provide you with a significantly higher number of lights, on a full charge, than you would get from a full gas lighter.


Since they don’t employ the use of butane gas, as in the case of gas lighters, our rechargeable electric plasma lighters are all eco-friendly. The recharge feature goes a step further in ensuring they are reused, which only works further to increase the eco-friendliness of the products we offer at Chief Lit.


The greatest problem with gas lighters and their flames is the fact that they require a calm environment, which renders them useless in harsh weather conditions. However, the Chief Lit rechargeable electric lighters can be used in harsh weather conditions without any problem.


The flameless feature in the lighters we sell at Chief Lit guarantees greater safety than in the case of flame lighters. Increasingly, the lack of gas improves the safety, reducing the possibility of an explosion or toxic inhalation, among other hazards. Besides, all the electric lighters have built-in fail-safes to protect against involuntary lighting.

Secure browsing

Chief Lit goes to great lengths to ensure that user information, especially financial, is all private and secure. Our site is SSL secure and aside from that, we take care to ensure that we deal with the most secure payment methods.

Flexible and versatile payment

Chief Lit accepts payment with more than one service including PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and more. This ensures that we not only cater for a larger market, but also provide convenience and the freedom of choice to all our esteemed clients

Lifetime warranty

Currently, we offer a lifetime warranty on all rechargeable lighters. This is just one of the many deals and offers that give us an edge over our competitors, and which we hope show our commitment to our clients.